We Build Pedestrian Bridges in Douglas, Casper & Wheatland, WY

Connect the Paths in Your Neighborhood

Your neighborhood has a beautiful greenway that your community enjoys, but it comes to an unfortunate end at a nearby creek. You'd love for this path to continue, but there's no way forward without the proper support. Miller Construction & Excavation can solve this problem for you. We build pedestrian bridges over creeks, roads, ravines and ditches in Douglas, Casper or Wheatland, WY. These sturdy bridges can support significant weight from pedestrian traffic safely.

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Are you interested in hiring us to build a pedestrian bridge for your greenway or neighborhood path? It's important to know that we design all of our bridges to meet load requirements for their intended use. Our walkway bridges can support the weight of foot traffic, bicycles, golf carts and even horses. You can rest assured that our local contractor will reinforce the sturdiness of your bridge and build it to support the type of traffic you're expecting.

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